Car Pics Galore

Pictures from the first few car meets with a preview from my next post on social media.

Car Pics Galore

So if you have not seen my Insta or Facebook I have been posting tons of car pictures from a bunch of different meets I have gone to over the last few weeks. It has been nuts to see how many people show up in the Salt Lake valley to all these meets. I have had lots of fun so I figured I would include a couple of these posts in this blog and talk a little about each one. SO ENJOY!!!!

If you have been following my insta you saw this mad man with his nutso Lambo wrapped in a Halloween theme. I have a couple more pictures of this that I will include in my RAW file download soon and the last picture in the set is edited to highlight the spookiness.

This next set of pictures feature on of my friends and was us doing a canyon run all the way up to Brighton Ski Resort which was really cool but proved for difficult shooting. I think about 90% of the pictures were kinda bad out of this set. However there are a few really good photos.

Now to talk about what is next...... I am right now uploading a set to Lightroom for editing. with us driving up another canyon here in Utah and here is the first look. 1 day before Instagram gets it. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in the via email, or on my Social Media.

@ThisisDef VW Gulf GTI
Meet as it was pulling up